6 Round to 4 Flat Adapter

6-way round pin to 4-way flat
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Price: $6.95
6 Pole Round to 4 Wire Flat. Die-cast zinc for durability (6-way plug).  Flexible wire increases installation options.  Includes dust cover.
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Price: $10.95
Endurance Flex Adapter 6 Pole Round to 4 Wire Flat.  LED test lights.  Verifies electrical continuity.  Flexible wire provides larger turning radius.  Includes dust cover & grease packet to protect terminals.
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Price: $14.95
6 Pole Round to 4 Wire Flat with LED Test Lights.  LEDs verify vehicle side wiring is correct; built-in trouble-shooting.  Includes dust cover.  Impact and corrosion resistant.
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Price: $7.95
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