Proportional Brake Controllers

Agility Brake Control w/Tekonsha Style Plug in Connector
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The Agility is a styled proportional brake control with digital display.  Inertia activated accelerometer instantly activates brakes. Controller mirrors braking action of tow vehicle, greatly reducing stopping distance.  5 on-the-fly sensitivity adjustments.  Control comes equipped with Tekonsha style plug giving you the ability to use your Tekonsha direct plugin harness.  Intuitive, vertical slide matches the way a driver reaches for the control.  Percentage of braking power shown in a digital L.E.D. display.  Plugin connection allows for quick installation and removal.  Flexible mounting options - self leveling.  Short proof protected.  1-4 trailer brake axles.  Lifetime warranty.
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Price: $68.99
Dexter Predator DX2 Brake Controller - 058-008-00
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Large digital LED displays voltage output and makes leveling quick and easy
Easy-to-use gain wheel provides a numeric visual setting for precise and repeatable settings
Independent manual slide overrides the gain setting for full braking power
Exceeds NHTSA regulations by illuminating trailer brake lights when the manual slide is used
Short circuit protection prevents damage to the controller
Versatile mounting range of -35 to 90 degrees to accommodate a wide variety of vehicle interiors
Standard 4-wire hookup is compatible with virtually all 12-volt, negative ground tow vehicles
Seven year limited warranty
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Price: $81.99
Draw-Tite I-Command
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Exclusive to Draw-Tite, a compact, proportional brake control that requires no leveling with “up-front” buttons for easy access to Output and Boost.

  • 1-4 axle trailers 
  • Proportional Brake Control Boost feature gives the ability to apply more initial trailer braking 
  • Reverse battery protection 
  • No level adjustment necessary 
  • Diagnostics features incorporated in LED Display 
  • Plug & Play feature allows for quick and easy connection 
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Price: $69.99
Hayes Endeavor Brake Controller
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Digital, Easy to use, Compact and lightweight, Illuminates trailer lights when using manual braking, Inertia controller, Handles up to 4 axles, Display reads current, percent of power, and voltage, Power boost (turn-on): 15%, 20%, 25%, Troubleshooting:Current limit, Short circuit, No connection, Hazard flash, and Blue fault wire. Lifetime limited warranty. Quick reference card included.  Comes with standard metal mounting bracket, pocket sleeve as shown is sold separately.
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Price: $77.99
Hayes Energize III Brake Controller
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Superior responsiveness. Fully adjustable gain setting wheel. Compatible with all electronic systems. Wide range of mounting positions; perfect for steep dash surface mounting. Easy adjustment and standard four-wire hookup. Patented pendulum sensing device using Hall Effect Technology for controlled, smooth stops. Trailer/Tow vehicle stoplights operate when trailer brakes are applied automatically or with manual lever. Red L.E.D. indicator displays braking intensity and warns of short circuit. Five year limited warranty.
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Price: $59.99
Hayes G2 Brake Boss Brake Controller
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Elegance, meet extreme brake controlling! The sleek, new G2 Brake Boss is not only stylish and smart, it provides safer braking with the market’s ONLY audible alert signal! Installation is a snap with the universal Quik-Receiver sleeve and Quik-Connect OEM wiring harnesses. And with Hayes’ Limited Lifetime Warranty, you’ll brake with peace of mind for years to come. The easy to find, easy to use manual emergency braking control lets you apply full power in emergency stopping situations. The three axis accelerometer technology automatically levels and senses the rate of deceleration. The G2s large, high resolution diagnostic liquid crystal panel is recessed to eliminate glare. This easy to read digital display indicates the amount of power being sent to the trailer brakes and allows adjustment in three modes percent of power, voltage, and current. Limited lifetime warranty.
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Price: $99.99
Insight Flex-Mount Brake Control w/Tekonsha Style Plug in Connector
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Designed for ultimate convenience and safety, the insight flex-mount brake control solves the problem of inconvenient mounting, out of reach controls and difficult to see displays of traditional brake controls. Separate components mount where you want them - Keeps eyes on the road and controls in easy reach - Multiple mounting locations on the vehicle - No drilling required. Advanced proportional technology - Mirrors braking of the tow vehicle for safe, smooth stops. Digital power & sensitivity settings. Short proof protection for up to 8 trailer brakes. Works on trailers with electric or electric/hydraulic brakes. Control comes equipped with Tekonsha style plug giving you the ability to use your Tekonsha direct plugin harness. Lifetime Warranty.

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Price: $75.99
Tekonsha P3 Brake Controller
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For 1, 2, 3 & 4 Axle Trailers. Distinct, easy to see LCD display with multiple color and contrast options. Allows the user to switch between Electric and Hydraulic brakes. Highly advanced, easy to understand, roadside diagnostics. Easy access, Up Front controls. The original Boost feature allows for different levels of customized braking. Compact, dash-hugging design. Unique, easy to use, clip mounting system. Quick disconnect for easy storage, convenient storage pouch included. In addition to multiple color and contrast options, the LCD display features highly advanced, easy to understand roadside diagnostics. P3s convenient features include a dash hugging design, unique easy to use clip mounting system, quick disconnect for safe storage when not in use and the original Boost feature that allows the driver to increase the initial power delivered to the trailer brakes. Lifetime warranty.
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Price: $199.99
Tekonsha Primus IQ Brake Controller
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Tekonsha Primus IQ proportional electric trailer brake control for up to 3 braking axles. Works proportionally in reverse. No level adjustment necessary. Digital display shows voltage to trailer during braking. Boost feature allows for customized braking. Pre-assembled wire harness for simple hook-up and quick disconnect. Diagnostic features incorporated in LED display. Limited Lifetime Warranty.
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Price: $73.99
Tekonsha Prodigy P2
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No level adjustment necessary - it adjusts itself to varying terrain as you drive. Works proportionally in reverse. Digital display depicts voltage delivery to trailer during braking. Continual diagnostics check for proper connection and shorted magnet. "Boost" feature gives the ability to apply more initial trailer braking power. Pre-assembled wire harness for simple hookup. Unique pocket mount. Made for up to four-axle trailer brake systems. Lifetime warranty.
New to the Prodigy P2:
Multiple Mounting Options - Including 360 degree vertical rotation.
Designed to work with Electric over Hydraulic Brake Systems.
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Price: $110.99
Tekonsha Prodigy RF
Introducing the first radio frequency brake control designed by Tekonsha, a leader in electric brake control technology. This proportional trailer mounted braking system is perfect for use with shared trailers. User does not need a dash mounted, hard wired brake control. True proportional trailer braking, forward or reverse. No level adjustment necessary, adjusts to varying terrain as you drive. Suitable for use on any trailer with up 1-3 brake axles. Wireless communication between the Remote Hand Unit and Trailer Power Module eleiminates the need for under dash wiring. No drilling, brackets or clips required. Easy LED display for trailer brake voltage, power output and diagnostics. Easy to use remote hand control; Includes the Prodigy "boost" system to allow for different levels of customized braking.
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Price: $308.95
Tekonsha Voyager
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The Voyager® incorporates Tekonsha’s patented braking sensor and is the best value you’ll find for smooth and secure trailer braking. It’s compact size and features, like a bi-colored LED brake monitor (to assure a complete connection to trailer brakes and give an indication of relative braking power being applied) make the Voyager® extremely versatile. Voyager® minimizes interference with tow vehicle electrical systems, uses a four wire hook up, has a broad setting range and is compatible with most any vehicle. The Voyager® has all the extra power you’ll need for trailers with 6 or 8 brake systems. The Voyager® is covered by a 5 year limited warranty from the date of consumer purchase.
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Price: $64.99
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